Product Overview

The Eco Pack patented System is made up of an easy to assemble plastic frame & two lightweight plastic sleeves that together create an economical, multipurpose, recyclable box.
a. Standard carton and plastic crate dimension
b. Suitable for palleting, containers and trucks
a. Specific applications for each product, including optimal ventilation, hygiene, food Safety  &      waste reduction
b. Made of plastic materials, with special additives which contribute to maintaining the quality of   
    products and to optimal recycling

Size options: standard sizes of 60*40, 40*30, 50*40 several heights and unique trays for Bananas  
Additional sizes can be manufactured upon request

Eco Pack system is the best  packaging in the world : Economical, Multipurpose,  Recyclable Box
Ideal for fresh produce retailers, farmers and agricultural exporters, the Eco Pack system provides a wide range of advantages:


·        Lower in cost than other packaging systems

·        30%-70% less raw material usage than cartons.

·        70% less energy to produce

·        Huge savings in logistics

Clean & Green

·        Lower production & recycling energy requirements than other existing solutions

·        Reducing deforestation & warming of our planet

·        Lower greenhouse emission, lower carbon footprint

·        Lower fuel/energy consumption in transportation

·        Less land field waste

Suitable for wide variety of products: fish, bread, diary, meat, fruits and vegetables, and much more


·        Fully customizable per all kinds of produce

·        Attractive & versatile for product branding