The ECO PACK patented system provides multiple benefits to farmers:
Lower in Cost than Other Solutions
Enabling substantial savings of between 30 to 70% in comparison to carton boxes and/or the expenditure of rinsing plastic crates, Eco Pack is a ‘one touch’ system, transferring effortlessly from the field to the shelf, without the need to modify existing logistics systems. In addition, the Eco Pack system significantly lowers transport costs due to its minimal weight and optimized stacking volume.
Lower Product Depreciation
Suitable for both long-term storage and refrigeration, the Eco Pack system helps maximize product life by protecting the produce it carries by way of better ventilation. Ideal for use and re-use by simply replacing the sleeves, the Eco Pack system can carry and/or store a wide variety of fresh and frozen produce including: vegetables, fruits, meat products, baked goods, milk products and various types of processed foods, making it a truly versatile product.
Reduced Deforestation
The Eco Pack system is completely recyclable and can be used and re-used innumerable times. It promotes lower greenhouse emissions, less landfill waste, a reduction in deforestation and ultimately, a smaller carbon footprint. In addition, it is also available in biodegradable and antibacterial models.
Easy to Brand
Eco Pack sleeves can be quickly and easily leveraged as an ideal advertising platform for any need. In addition, messaging can be easily updated and replaced to fit a wide range of products and advertising campaigns, quickly, easily and inexpensively.
New & Clean, Every Time
Eco Pack system sleeves are 100% food grade and can be replaced quickly and inexpensively for any type of product, fresh or frozen, providing the highest level of hygiene for any product, every time.