The ECO PACK patented system provides multiple benefits to retail chains:
Lower in Cost than Competitor Systems
Eco Pack sleeves are substantially lower in cost than carton boxes and/or the expenditure of rinsing plastic crates. In addition, this economical and ecological system also enables dramatic savings in manpower resources required for shelf stacking as it is a ‘one touch’ system, transferring effortlessly from the field to the shelf, within existing logistics systems.  Finally, the Eco Pack system considerably lowers transport costs due to its light weight and minimal stacking volume.
One Product, Multiple Uses
Suitable for both long term storage and refrigeration, the Eco Pack system can be re-used  over and over again by simply replacing the versatile sleeves for a wide variety of fresh and frozen produce including; vegetables, fruits, meat products, baked goods, milk products and various types of processed food. In addition, the nature of the product significantly reduces waste volume, helping support a cleaner, greener planet.
New & Clean, Every Time
Eco Pack systems sleeves are food grade and can be replaced quickly and inexpensively for any type of product, fresh or frozen, providing the highest level of hygiene for any product, every time.
A Convenient & Versatile Advertising Platform
Retailers can utilize Eco Pack sleeves as an advertising platform with the ability to change messaging to fit a wide range of products, quickly, easily and inexpensively.